The Table of Contents
Part One       The Concept of LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotic Sumo
Chapter 1 Introduction to LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotic Sumo
Chapter 2 The Importance of a Battle Plan

Part Two        The First Approach: The Small-and-Fast Strategy
Chapter 3 The Zip-Bam-Bot Chassis
Chapter 4 Zip-Bam-Bot Version XK1
Chapter 5 Zip-Bam-Bot Version XK2

Part Three     The Second Approach: The M-Class Strategy
Chapter 6 The Brain-Bot Chassis
Chapter 7 Brain-Bot Version ZR2

Part Four       The Third Approach: The Big-Sumo Strategy
Chapter 8 The Gargantuan-Bot Chassis
Chapter 9 Gargantuan-Bot Version BL58

Part Five        Getting Involved in a Robotic Sumo Event
Chapter 10 Participating in a LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotic Sumo Event
Chapter 11 Organizing a LEGO MINDSTORMS Robotic Sumo Event
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