The Building Instructions for the Mirror Subassemblies in
Competitive MINDSTORMS
In the book Competitive MINDSTORMS, I didn't include the building instructions for the mirror
subassemblies in the book, as they are nearly identical to the main subassemblies. However, if the
reader (that's you) would rather follow the actual building instructions for the mirror subassemblies, I
have provided them in two places, as mentioned in the book: on the Downloads section of the
web site and on this web site. Click here or below to download a zipped folder containing all the
building instructions for the mirror subassemblies in
Competitive MINDSTORMS.
Click here to download now.
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David J. Perdue.   

Available also at  
Apress website
The mirror subassembly's
building instructions are
also available for download
from the Downloads section
of the publisher's web site:

If you're interested in
purchasing other
MINDSTORMS books, you
can find several others
Apress has published in
their "Technology in Action"
section. And if you're
interested in things like C/
C++/C#, Java, .NET, Visual
Basic, and Web
Development, Apress has
many excellent titles on
these and additional
subjects as well.
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