Results of Competitive MINDSTORMS Survey #2:
How Would YOU Host a Lego MindStorms Robotic
Sumo Event?
The results for Survey #2: "How Would You Host a Lego MindStorms Robotic Sumo Event?" are in! All the details
are below, and thanks to all who participated!
Total Survey Results Received: 16
What size should the arena be?
Six feet in diameter  --  4 Votes
Five feet in diameter --  5 Votes
Four feet in diameter  --  7 Votes
Should the arena have a white surface and black perimeter, or vice versa?
White surface, black perimeter --  12 Votes
Black surface, white perimeter  --  4 Votes
How thick should the perimeter be?
More than four inches  --  2 Votes
Four inches  --  3 Votes
Three inches  --  4 Votes
Two inches  --  7 Votes
How long should a round between two sumo-bots be?
More than three minutes  --  1 Vote
Three minutes  --  8 Votes
Two minutes  --  7 Votes
One minute  --  0 Votes
In a round, what do you think should be the maximum number of allowed bouts?
Unlimited  --  2 Votes
5 bouts  --  1 Votes
4 bouts  --  4 Votes
3 bouts --  5 Votes
2 bouts --  3 Votes
Which of the following do you think should be
used or allowed in a LEGO MINDSTORMS
robotic sumo event?
Remote control startup  --  8 Votes
Custom sensors  --  5 Votes
Time for reprogramming  --  7 Votes
Switchable subassemblies  --  5 Votes
In what direction should the sumo-bots be facing upon start-up?
Directly at each other  --  4 Votes
In opposite directions  --  3 Votes
Side by side  --  4 Votes
At random, chosen by the host  --  5 Votes
At some events, a round sometimes called a "battle
royale" is held where all sumo-bots are placed on the
arena - what is your opinion on these special rounds?
I love it! It's so much fun! --  10 Votes
It's pretty cool  --  1 Vote
I don't really have an opinion - it's just there  --  3 Votes
I don't like it! --  2 Votes
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